Due Diligence


EBM Consulting supports investors and corporates seeking to mitigate their risk in a wide variety of situations which require enhanced due diligence research and investigations such as pre M&A, pre Joint Venture, FCPA compliance and pre-employment screening situations.


Enhanced Due Diligence & Compliance Services

Our due diligence research and investigations are particularly useful in non-transparent frontier & emerging market environments as we confirm issues such as corporate registration details, beneficial ownership, political, military and criminal links, civil litigation history, regulatory issues, influence, business practices, industry and integrity reputation so our clients can make informed decisions and assess the risk about who they are dealing with or planning to invest in.

Such investigations typically compliment legal and financial due diligence processes and, when undertaken early in the process, can save clients hundreds of hours of work on investment projects or key appointments, and the expense of legal and auditing teams, by flagging up important & potentially hidden issues for assessment.

Our compliance reports on business partners and suppliers form essential components of US and UK company compliance and KYC programs.



EBM has researched & managed over 1,000 due diligence & compliance projects, the majority in Asian emerging and frontier markets, though our reach extends to in excess of 90 jurisdictions worldwide.

Our analysts, investigators, researchers and resources include former military intelligence analysts, investigative journalists and business intelligence professionals with substantial experience and deep familiarity of their specialist jurisdictions.


Our Services include

  • Pre & post M&A and investment due diligence services
  • FCPA & Bribery Act Compliance checks on suppliers, contractors and business associates
  • Know Your Client (KYC) checks
  • Competitive business intelligence & flash intel reporting
  • Post investment asset monitoring
  • Pre-employment executive screening


Typical clients for our due diligence and compliance services include:

  • Law firms
  • Accountancy practices
  • Private and institutional investors
  • Financial institutions
  • US & UK companies with overseas suppliers and business associates
  • Risk management companies


We have resources in every jurisdiction in Asia and our network extends to cover 90 jurisdictions worldwide. See our Jurisdictions page for further details.


Past Project Include

Due Diligence

  • Pre investment enhanced due diligence research regarding a Chinese mining company for a US headquartered bank.
  • Market research and pre M&A due diligence in Myanmar for a large US headquartered brewer.
  • Financial sector pre M&A research and enhanced due diligence services in Mongolia for a US investment bank.
  • Chemicals plant pre investment research and enhanced due diligence services in China for a private equity investor.
  • Pre investment enhanced due diligence regarding a Vietnamese bank.
  • Market entry research project in Indonesia for a natural resources multinational.
  • Oil & gas sector due diligence project in Myanmar for a UK risk management firm.

Compliance & Pre-Employment Screening

  • FCPA compliance check on a construction company in South Korea for a US compliance company.
  • FCPA compliance checks in Myanmar on a retail sector distribution company.
  • FCPA compliance research in Cambodia regarding a leisure industry company for a US risk management company.
  • Pre employment screening research in the banking sector in four Asian jurisdictions.
  • Pre employment screening research of a CEO candidate in India and UAE in the financial sector for a UK risk management company.
  • Pre employment screening research of a construction industry executive in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China for a US risk management company.

Client Testimonials

“Terrific job on this investigation – thank you. Lots of texture and interesting red flags. This is exactly the kind of intel we seek, so I will be sure to share your good work with my colleagues so that we can engage you for future projects.”


“Thank you for the follow up. Your tenacity to both the question and to client service is truly admirable. I am very appreciative and recognize that many vendors in our industry would not have bothered further, particularly if their invoice was not being disputed.”


“Thank you very much for sending this through so promptly. We have been extremely satisfied with your undertaking of this project and your responses. It has been a pleasure. I do hope to have the opportunity to work with you again soon.”


“The case presented several problems for us, and the investigator.  Lack of information from the client; or, conflicting data in the DDQ; national privacy issues in the country, additional entities associated with the address and principals etc. Consequently, thanks for doing a great job of getting as much information as you could to help clarify a murky situation and for going the extra mile to try to get us the info.”


“I just want to say thank you very much to you and your team for all of your work on this project under such a tight deadline and with limited information to go on, it’s very much appreciated.”


“I have always been very impressed by EBM’s professionalism and expertise, especially in some of the more tricky parts of the region.” 


“I would like to thank you again for your comprehensive assistance on this small task. I really appreciated your quick response, thoroughness and going the extra mile.”


“I would like to thank you again for your comprehensive assistance on this small task. I really appreciated your quick response, thoroughness and going the extra mile with the quotes.” 


If you need assistance with due diligence or compliance issues in Asia or any of the 90 jurisdictions we cover please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.