EBM Consulting, UK

EBM Consulting recently opened its UK company, EBM Risk Consulting Ltd, based in Manchester, UK.

EBM’s services in the UK are headed by EBM partner, Mark Burns, and focused on servicing clients in Europe and North America with enhanced due diligence research, litigation support and business intelligence services.

“We see significant potential opportunities growing between the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. EBM has an extensive international network of resources and our physical presence in the UK will assist EBM to enhance the delivery of our services in Asia and the Middle East for our clients,” said EBM Consulting partner Mark Burns.

EBM Consulting was founded in Hong Kong in 2011 and specializes in delivering enhanced due diligence, litigation support and business intelligence services particularly in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. The company has a global network of resources covering more than 90 jurisdictions worldwide.

EBM recently relocated its head office from Wanchai to Central in Hong Kong, where EBM CEO Spencer Elmer and it key research teams are based.


EBM Risk Consulting Ltd

91 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 4HT, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 (0)161 883 3040
Email. mark.burns@ebmconsulting.co.uk

UK Company Registration No. 11096123