EBM Consulting head office is in Hong Kong. We have a network of experienced local resources across China including but not limited to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.


We undertake projects in the PRC for many of the many well-known international risk management companies, banks, regulatory bodies, private equity firms, private investors and multi-national law firms.


Our principals have more than 10 years of experience in the PRC. It is one of our strongest jurisdictions and EBM has successfully undertaken more than 300 projects in China. We offer a wide range of services and have undertaken projects including pre M&A and JV enhanced due diligence checks, litigation support, pre-employment background verification, IP investigations and enforcement actions, compliance verification, and executive protection.

Local Resources

Our established network of trusted, well-placed local resources on the ground across the PRC provide a wealth of insight, experience, and skills to support our clients requirements with holistic solutions. We think laterally, we provide creative solutions where necessary, we are determined to deliver results.


EBM provide services in the PRC including:

  • Corporate registration details verification
  • Chinese language media research
  • Litigation history research
  • Regulatory history check
  • License verification check
  • Industry Reputation research
  • Personal Integrity research
  • Site visits
  • Criminal history research
  • Pre-employment verification screening
  • Translation services
  • Personal security protection
  • Litigation support
  • Intellectual property protection investigations

Typical Past Projects include

  • Pre investment enhanced due diligence research regarding a Chinese mining company for a US headquartered bank.
  • Intellectual property infringement investigations for a mobile telephone brand.
  • Internal fraud investigation of a European manufacturer’s workforce and facility located in Guangzhou.
  • Pre-employment screening of a foreign executive with China work experience for a UK risk management firm.
  • Financial sector pre M&A research and enhanced due diligence services for a US investment bank.
  • Chemicals plant pre investment research and enhanced due diligence services for a private equity investor.
  • Pre-employment screening of Chinese staff for a US industrial company.
  • FCPA compliance check on a Chinese sporting goods company for a US retailer.
  • Executive protection team for a Hong Kong executive during a potentially tricky business trip to Southern China.
  • Pre IPO due diligence compliance research regarding a Chinese insurance company.