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EBM Consulting head office is in Hong Kong. We have a representative office and local resources permanently based in Ulaanbaatar.


Due to our reach and competency we are trusted to undertake projects in Mongolia for many of the most well known risk management advisory companies in the world, blue chip investment banks, regulatory bodies, private equity investors and multi-national law firms with head offices in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.


We have more than 4 years of experience providing risk analysis, enhanced due diligence and market entry services in Mongolia and have undertaken more than 100 projects in the jurisdiction. During this time we have covered most individuals and entities of significance in Mongolia industry sectors such as natural resources, mining, banking, construction, transportation, retail, and telecoms. We are well-informed, very discreet, highly effective and place high value on confidentiality.

Local Resources

We have our own established network of trusted, well-placed local resources on the ground in Mongolia including investigative journalists, natural resources professionals, finance professionals, political contacts, mining experts, legal professionals, and an experienced Mongolian analyst based permanently in our Hong Kong office.


During the implementation of projects in Mongolia we can provide services such as:

  • Corporate registration details verification
  • Mongolian language media check
  • Reverse legal representative check
  • Litigation history check
  • Regulatory history check
  • Mining license verification check
  • Industry and Personal Reputation & Integrity check
  • Site visits
  • Criminal history check
  • Political connections check
  • Technical check of mining operations
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Translation services
  • In country transportation
  • Informed market analysis
  • Political risk analysis

Our database of risk management related information regarding corporates and subjects in Mongolia is substantial and we believe that no other risk management company in the world has the depth of knowledge about entities in Mongolia or reach within the jurisdiction.

Typical Past Projects include

  • Financial sector pre M&A research and enhanced due diligence services for a US investment bank.
  • Food & beverage sector pre investment research and enhanced due diligence services for a Japanese MNC.
  • Pre-employment screening of local Mongolian staff and expatriate executives for a multi-national construction company.
  • Natural resources sector pre investment research and enhanced due diligence services for US based international risk advisory company.
  • Retail sector pre investment research and enhanced due diligence services for UK based risk management company.
  • Pre & post-election political analysis for a US based risk advisory company.


Contact us in confidence for a no-obligation consultation.