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EBM Consulting are specialists in providing enterprise risk mitigation services in frontier & emerging markets.

EBM has resources on the ground in Myanmar and in 90 jurisdictions worldwide to deliver the information needed to make informed business decisions and mitigate enterprise and compliance risk.

We are highly experienced and familiar with issues surrounding both enterprise risk due diligence and FCPA compliance, and can save your company from expensive mistakes costing valuable time, effort and resources. If you are a US or British company looking to do business in Myanmar you really should ensure your compliance issues are in hand.

We have undertaken in excess of 100 (as at March 2014) enhanced due diligence, FCPA related compliance checks and market entry projects in Myanmar.


Services in Myanmar

Due to the nature of the jurisdiction and the limited use of electronic data collection, undertaking due diligence work in Myanmar can be challenging. However, with our experience and local resources in Myanmar we can assist clients with services including:

  • Company details verification
  • Burmese language media research
  • Site visits to confirm nature and existence of a corporate entity
  • Integrity & reputation source enquiries
  • Employment verification
  • Market research
  • Competitive business intelligence research
  • Land tenure risk assessment
  • Social impact assessment
  • Ethnic minority impact assessment
  • Threat and risks assessments
  • Professional qualifications check

Project Turnaround Time

FCPA compliance projects can normally be completed within 7-10 working days. Due diligence projects can often be completed in 10-12 working days. Simple Burmese language media checks can be completed in 2-3 working days.



EBM has successfully undertaken more than 100 market entry and due diligence projects in Myanmar in the last 12 months in industry sectors including oil & gas, manufacturing, agriculture, retail, construction, pharmaceutical and finance sectors.

EBM’s Myanmar services are headed by James Soutar, a graduate of  Oxford University and the School of Oriental & African Studies who was formerly with the British Foreign Office and has lived and worked in South East Asia for more than 25 years.


Past Projects Include

  • Market research and pre M&A due diligence in Myanmar for a large US listed brewer.
  • FCPA compliance check of a Myanmar retail distribution company for a US based risk management company.
  • Oil & gas sector due diligence project in Myanmar for a UK risk management firm.
  • Market entry research and business intelligence gathering for a listed European bank.
  • FCPA compliance check of a Myanmar pharmaceutical company for a US risk management company.
  • Adverse Burmese language media research for a US based compliance company.
  • Market research and pre M&A due diligence project in the mobile telecoms sector in Myanmar for a UK risk management company.


If you need assistance in Myanmar  contact us in confidence for a no-obligation consultation.