Private Investigations

EBM Consulting’s Private Investigations division is an expat run investigations consultancy located in Hong Kong providing a range of investigation services in Hong Kong and around Asia.

We provide a personal, discrete and confidential investigation services to assist our clients with personal, matrimonial, financial and family issues.



We provide a professional, ‘one-stop-shop’ range of services to support our clients including:

  • Surveillance teams
  • Private investigations
  • Electronic discovery & IT investigations
  • Asset searches
  • Skip tracing & missing person locating
  • Fraud investigations (eg boiler room scams)
  • Undercover investigations
  • Personal security, close protection & counter surveillance
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
  • Lifestyle assessments
  • Research of specialist subscription databases and media

Full reports with photographic, video, data, and chain of evidence findings are provided as required to the client.



We have years of experience and specialist expertise drawn from hundreds of past cases which enable us to provide holistic solutions, using a range of options & activities.

We are determined to support clients who seek confirmation, truth and evidence in order to make informed decisions in situations such as:

  • Suspected breach of trust
  • Preparation for potential divorce
  • Suspected fraud
  • Missing persons
  • Suspected drug use or risky behavior

Our clients include local and multinational legal firms, accountancy practices and private individuals, particularly clients who want to avoid ‘misunderstandings’ and instructions ‘lost in translation’.


Our People & Methodology

Our investigators and surveillance operatives are selected from law enforcement, military intelligence and investigations communities in each jurisdiction within which we operate.

Our dedicated surveillance team in Hong Kong are all highly experienced and discreet former local law enforcement officers and detectives.

Clients liaise directly with a highly experienced expatriate case manager of the company throughout the process from first contact to final report review.

The Case Manager will personally discuss & review each client’s issues with our operations team before providing the client with a range of suggested solutions, then guide & manage the implementation of selected activities, report back to the client as and when required.

We believe in keeping in close touch with our clients to ensure that what can often be delicate and difficult issues are fully understood, are handled effectively, confidentially & within legal parameters.


Jurisdictions we cover

We have investigative resources in every jurisdiction in Asia, and a trusted network of associates in over 90 jurisdictions worldwide.

Our international network of resources means that we have a long reach and can provide investigation services in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously if required. See the full list of jurisdictions we cover.


Case Study 1

Suspected Infidelity Investigation in Hong Kong

Although he had denied it, a client from Singapore suspected her husband of infidelity when he made periodic business trips to Hong Kong, and engaged EBM to find out the truth of the matter.

EBM’s experienced expat client liaison manager worked closely with the client to understand the nature of the issues and her requirements, following which our operations team planned suitable activities and timings. Our client wanted evidence for her own personal use and information to confirm or deny her suspicions.

Upon the husband’s next trip to Hong Kong, EBM’s team of surveillance operatives discreetly monitored the behavior and activities of the husband over a period of 4 days. Through our monitoring activities we confirmed that not only was he engaging in a discreet relationship with a ‘girlfriend’ during the four days he was in Hong Kong, he was also seen to engage in the personal use of recreational drugs which was news to our client.

Our client thanked us for finding out the truth about her husband’s behavior.


Case Study 2

Suspected Personal Fraud Investigation

We were contacted by a Hong Kong businessman who had made some investments in an apparent financial scheme in the US. He was soon due to make a further substantial investment in the scheme but had concerns about its validity and wanted reassurance he wasn’t involved in a scam.

After a detailed review of the circumstances of the case, EBM researchers and investigators conducted a thorough review of the investment scheme, its methodology, and the US company & principals promoting and managing the scheme. Research & investigations were conducted in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South America and the USA.

Our research found that in fact the company promoting the investment scheme was simply a paper company with no physical location, fictitious principals, and several links to historical financial scams. Further investigations confirmed that indeed the apparent investment scheme was a scam.

The client in this case was grateful that he had acted on his hunch to investigate the scheme which confirmed his suspicions and saved him from losing over US$50,000 to fraudsters.


Case Study 3

Missing Person Location and Process Serving in Hong Kong

Our client was a law firm in Hong Kong which needed to trace the location of an individual in Hong Kong on behalf of their client in order that legal papers could be personally served on the individual.

The client had little information to go on apart from a name and the name of a possible former employer.

Within one week our investigation team undertook research including public record research and source enquiries and ultimately a site visit confirmed the individual to be living on a housing estate in Kowloon.

EBM operatives then successfully served the law firms documentation legally on the individual and recorded the process.


Case Study 4

Suspected Infidelity Investigation in Thailand

Our client from Hong Kong suspected that her husband was conducting an affair on his regular business trips to Thailand.

EBM’s Case Manager discussed details of the suspicions with our client, who was determined to divorce her husband if her suspicions proved correct, and put together a plan of activities, including surveillance, investigations and targeted research, to support the client’s objectives.

Our surveillance team in Thailand monitored the movements of the husband on his next visit to Thailand and confirmed that not only was he engaging in an ongoing relationship with a Thai lady, but also frequented massage parlors and engaged in other high risk behavior.

Our research team also found a number of investments in Thailand made by the husband of which our client was not aware.

Additionally our electronic discovery resources in Hong Kong legally collected a body of evidence from electronic hardware which shed further light on the activities of the husband and assets which had been kept secret from our client.

Our client thanked us for finding out about the secret life of her husband and engaged us in further asset trace work around the region to assess the true size of the estate while she commenced divorce proceedings. Our report and findings were used as evidence to support the subsequent litigation case commenced by our client.


Client Testimonials

Thanks to the proof I had secured through you, my husband owned up to everything and now wants to ‘Fix it’ and we will start to rebuild our lives again! It’s going to be very difficult period, but I just wanted to thank you again sincerely for the exceptional work you did for me.” – Mrs S, UK

“I do appreciate your help on everything.” Ms P, Hong Kong


For further information regarding EBM Consulting’s private investigation services contact us in strict confidence.